Monday, November 9, 2015

Mulch in a can (container)

Yes, I took a big break from blogging. It is about 3 month since my last posting. I felt like there was not much to write about. Writers block. It is not uncommon I have heard.

It is still everyday stuff, though, but now I feel more in the mood to write about it again.

What am I up to? 
Leaves, lots of leaves. 

That is a sign of fall. Recently I read that people should not longer dump their leaves into the garbage. The leaves clog up the landfills etc. One should rather mulch and re-use it in the garden.

I am fortunate to HAVE a garden. But unfortunately I don't have a shredder, or lawn mower equipped with mulch addition. Hubby tried to use our old mower. 
The upside: it worked fantastic. 
The downside: all the finely shredded leaves disappeared into the lawn. Gone. Not the result I wanted.

I went online and did some research. Several gardeners came up with the idea to use a weed-trimmer and a big container. Totes, garbage can or something like that. 

That sounded like a plan.
Today I tried it myself and I think it worked out quiet well. After a little trial and error I came up with the best method for my purpose. Put on goggles and a dust mask.
Set the (electrical) weed-trimmer into the empty garbage can. Fill the can up to the top with dry leaves. Turn on the motor and shift the machine in a gently circular movement up and down. 
Within seconds I could top up with another batch of leaves. Repeat that until the can is half full. It takes a lot, I tell you! The voluminous heap of raked leaves turns into nearly nothing after it is shredded.

Transfer the shredded stuff to the vegetable beds. Voilà! 
It was a healthy mix of finely shredded leaves, and partly shredded ones. After the 4th can was done I had the outcome perfected to mostly fin shredded particles.
Good food for the earthworms. I hope they are willing to work on this over the winter and transform it into good compost.
For protection against wind the beds were covered with spruce branches. Now I am waiting for a friend to come and deliver some real cow manure. Next will be a turn to the beach to go and harvest dry sea weeds. That shall be good for the soil too, I have heard.
These components will go into the compost heap.

Done with that task, I opened up the plastic cover of the last vegetable 
 and harvested fresh lettuce and carrots for dinner.
November 9, Temp 53F (12C), sunny. 
All in all a good day!

Aunties translation

Nach langer Pause heute mal wieder ein Eintag.

Heute habe ich das Laub geschredded. 
Dazu habe ich einen elektrischen Unkrautmäher in
eine Mülltonne gesteckt und diese mit trockenem
Laub aufgefüllt. Die Maschine hat das Laub im Nu kurz 
und klein gehäckselt. Eine dicke Mulchschicht wurde dann auf
im Gemüsegarten ausgebreitet und mit Zweigen
gegen den Wind abgedeckt.
Danach habe ich noch frischen Salat und Karotten
Heute, am 9. November war es sonnig mit 
einer Tagestemperatur von 12C.

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