Saturday, January 30, 2016

Walk Around The Block

Yesterday, the "weatherman" talked about a blizzard 
that we would get here in Southern New Brunswick. 
That didn't happen. 
Must have ended up somewhere else.
We only got a thin layer of fresh snow; 
enough to make everything prettier again.
View from the the second floor this morning.
Not having a wide angle lens, I have to show it this way. 

After lunch I took Molly around the block. 
There was a cold breeze from the Northwest,
but in the sunshine temperatures read +7°C (44°F). 
Not bad at all.
The walk took us from our upper road 
down to the lower one, along the water, and back up again. 
It is a stretch about 1.4 km (0.8 mi). (See red ring on map) 
Just about enough for the old gal.
While walking I took some photos of our surroundings.
Whether I walk southwards or northwards 
depends on the direction from where the wind blows. 
Today I turned northwards.
I like to have the wind from the back later on.
I like the colourful houses, 
especially now in the clear winter light.
 At the next intersection we walk westwards, 
down towards the Bay.
This is a view towards Deer Island. 
The "white speck" in the distance is their campground
This road runs parallel to our road, just a bit lower 
and closer towards the waters edge. 
That's where I love to stop and look over towards Eastpoart, Maine.
From her on we turn South 
and walk all the way until the next intersection. 
 This lovely view, (taken in 2013) towards where our summer ferry landing is located, 
is now blocked by a new building (built 2014/15). See below.
The one who buys this house will have a fantastic view 
over the water from most angles, that's for sure.

 Arriving at the intersection we turn back and northwards, 
ending up on our road again. 
The snow on the old wooden fence 
makes a decorative picture.
An old shed in the neighbourhood. The view is
again drawn towards Eastport, ME.
That was my daily dose of beautiful landscape.
See, I told you - it was enough for my old girl.
Molly, dreaming about the walk 
we had around the block.

Auntie's translation

Man hatte uns zwar einen Schneesturm vorausgesagt, aber der ging woanders nieder. Wir haben nur ein bisschen Neuschnee bekommen. Heute Morgen war der Blick vom ersten Stock besonders schön. Ich habe keine Weitwinkellinse und musste das Photo zusammenschustern.
Nach dem Mittag bin ich dann mit Molly einmal um's Viereck gegangen. Ich habe die Stecke auf der Karte mit einem roten Ring markiert. Es sind ungefähr 1.4km, gerade genug für die "alten Knochen". Die Photos zeigen was ich auf dem Spaziergang so sehe. Auf der anderen Seite des Wassers liegt die amerikanische Stadt Eastport im Staat Maine.
An einer Stelle haben sie jetzt die Aussicht verbaut.
Anschliessend musste Molly erst einmal eine Runde schlafen.


  1. I think snow makes everything beautiful. Molly does look like she is wore out from the walk.

  2. Yes, she easily gets tired nowadays. She is 14 years old, no wonder.

  3. What nice walk as long as the sun is shining. Great scenery.


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