Monday, February 16, 2015

Family Day

Today they celebrated "Family Day" in Alberta. 
A grey day, with a few flurries. 
Not necessarily the best weather to go outside, but
Molly and I made it through the snow towards the Golf Course.
Lots of families and kids had gathered. 
There was a "Tobogganing Hill" 
an "Ice Rink" and "Horse-Sled" rides 
( they just turned the corner 
when I arrived, therefore no photo of that).
At least they all seemed to have lots of fun. 
(All photos were "shot from the hip".)
We couldn't linger either, I had to get back home. 
I was scheduled for work later this afternoon.

At the intersection where we turn towards home 
I had to just walk over to drop 
the "bag" into the special container. 
So I casually told Molly to "wait". 

When I turned
I saw this: 

She was not moving at all!
At home waited a cookie for her.
For myself: a nice piece of cake with cherry ice cream.
Monday afternoon Delight!

Thus fortified it was "Off to work"!


  1. MMMMM that cake looks delicious!!! What a good dog Molly is!

  2. Does not look like much snow compared to here, but still is winter.
    Our Family Day was spent at a hockey Arena with the grands.


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