Thursday, February 10, 2022

A Brush with Covid-19

Today I will mention the unmentionable - Covid-19.
The virus that instantly riles up people, divides Families and friends.

I just want to write about my own experience of the 
recent brush with it.

I am a pro vaccine and believer in science - so there is that.

I got my 2 shots and the booster, 
I followed all the heath measures recommended.
Recently, I got infected.

For the longest time I had my hopes up for being able to avoid an infection. 
On the other hand I realize, that when there is more than one person
involved in the equation, there is no control at all.

Over the last weeks and month many of our friends around here in the open desert
came down with "a cold",
but, as far as I know, no-one took a test ever.

We usually don't get a cold, haven't had one for years.
We don't mingle with people or go to crowded places
Chances of catching a cold are minimal.
But catching a highly contagious disease not so in the long run.

When hubby had the first symptoms of 
slight headache, sore throat, stuffy nose, night sweat, coughing, 
he also said: "it is just a cold".

Nobody wants to get caught coming down with Covid, right?

It has a stigma to it, because the person is perceived as being negligent.
They did not follow the rules, otherwise they wouldn't get it.

A big misunderstanding.

I bought 2 home test kits and Peter was willing to take one. 
Since I did not carry out the testing for Peter, I was not very surprised when
his test came up negative. 
It is really uncomfortable poking the stick up your nostrils.
Nothing within the 15 minutes waiting time.
Nothing after the maximum 30 minutes either.

It was so nice lulling oneself into believing that all was well and safe.

But, if his "cold" was lightly contagious it would be a no brainer that 
I would come down with it, too. 
Sure enough, only 3 days later I started having symptoms myself.
Headache, fever, fatigue.

When my symptoms strengthened for the second day I waited until
the evening to use the second test on myself.

Poking the stick as far up my nostrils until it became nearly too uncomfortable.
Turning it exactly 4 times in each. Inserting it back into the vial,
turning the exact amount and time.
Dropping 4 drops on the test surface. 
It took only a few seconds until a strong second line appeared in the window
indicating a positive result.

Well, from there it only was logical to conclude that hubby's test had been
a false negative.

Immediately dread and panic filled my mind. What now?

Everywhere one reads that 95% of all vaccinated and boosted people will 
only experience a mild form of infection, 
but, who knows up front whether one is within the 95% group 
and not with the unlucky 5%? 

The following morning Peter seemed slightly better. Headaches gone, coughing
reduced, but he could not taste much of his morning coffee.
My head felt woozy, a slight stuffy nose, my throat a little dry, but no fever.
No breathing problems - the most dreaded of the symptoms.

All day long we speculated about where we could have possibly picked it up.
Where had we been?

Shopping groceries, dumping the tanks and filling freshwater, post office, laundromat?
The only place he (we) would have had to take down 
our masks for a prolonged time and mingle in a place were many
people frequently came and went was:
at the dentist's office and optometrist.

 On Monday January 31st it was Peter's last visit to both places.
Friday, Febr 4th he came down with the "cold".
I followed on Sunday Feb 6th.

Of course, we will never know for sure, 
but it seems the most logical explanation.

Luckily - our symptoms are diminishing now with every day.
Mine faster than Peter's.

Did we inform our friends and neighbours? Yes, we did. 
I felt obliged to make it known. For their safety.
It is not a crime getting sick. It can happen anytime.

For now we stay away from everyone.
Unfortunately, I don't have any more tests for a follow up. 
But I will get one - after the 10 days of self-isolation are over.

Everyone has to make up their own mind. 

This is mine:
Am I glad we did all the shots and booster? Yes, I am.
Will I loose my faith in science now? No, I won't.
Will I wear a mask or take another booster if required? 
You bet I will!

Stay safe altogether.

And now I might have to take a break from posting or fixing up this post
until I get my Macbook fixed. The charger cable broke. 
One of Apple's most common problems.