Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What a difference and what a treat!

One cannot imagine how the air smells around here 
when one hasn't stayed in a big city for a while. 
After month of inhaling exhaust fumes, 
refineries stench and dust 
the clean air in the country side was amazing!

While driving on Hwy1 from Bangor ME to Lubec ME, 
soft, warm evening air streamed through our wide open windows, 
mile after mile. 
Frenchman Bay ME, in the background Mt Desert Island.
(If I am wrong here, pls correct me)

Imagine - pine needles after a summer rain fall, 
 the sun warming the ground up afterwards. 
That comes closest to it.

A balsamic, sweet scent. 
Add lilac and hawthorn to it.
 Just wonderful!

The next day I was out and checked out my garden. 
All our Lilac bushes are in full bloom, and the butterflies just love it! 
I grabbed the camera and took shots at these two species.
 a Red Admiral

There was not much damage in the flower beds 
after the pretty hard winter, 
but the weeds had taken hold everywhere. 
That was not a surprise.
Where to start?
I decided that the vegetable patch 
was the most important part to start on, 
if I want to get any crops this summer.
It took six hours to get it back in shape. 
Boy, I felt muscles again that I had totally forgotten I have! 

Today I found some seed packages in the cupboard, 
and soon I had parsley, lettuce, beans, squash and corn in the ground. Some lettuce have re-seeded itself, 
and lots of Pot Marigold too.
Now I need a get hold of a few tomato and broccoli plants. 

And of course - the fence against unwanted intruders 
had to be put up again too. 
That I managed to get done today, 
just in time before it a misty rain started falling.
I inhale in the breeze coming off the ocean, smelling of salt, seaweed and marine life. So good.
What a treat to be back home again!

Aunties Summary

Die Luft ist hier ganz anders als in der Grosstadt. 
Nach all den Abgasen und Staub war es eine Wohltat wieder 
die frische Landluft einzuatmen zu können.
Auf der letzten Strecke hatten wir die Autofenster offen. 
Die warme Abendluft war voll vom süssen Duft der Nadelwälder. 
Wenn man dann noch Flieder und Weissdorn dazu gibt.. 
Einfach phantastisch! 
Zuhause habe ich dann gleich den Garten inspiziert. 
Er hat den Winter gut überstanden, 
aber das Unkraut ist überall. Kein Wunder.
Ich habe mir gleich den Gemüsegarten vorgenommen und auch schon die ersten Gemüse eingesät. Mir fehlen jetzt nur noch ein paar Tomaten- und Broccolipflanzen, dann bin ich für den Sommer gerüstet.
Gerade noch vor dem Sprühregen 
habe ich heute noch schnell den Zaun wieder aufgestellt.

Jetzt riecht die Luft nach Salz, Tang und Meer. 
Es ist schön wieder zuhause zu sein!

Friday, June 12, 2015

A General's epaulettes

While driving along the highways I always have my eyes open 
for the birds along the road. 
It is hard to get a sharp shot at 75 mi/hour (110kmh). 
But at one place we had to stop for a few minutes 
and I got some not too bad photos. 
 They thrive in the reed along small lakes, 
or in the ditches along the road. 
It is a red winged black bird. 
 Showing off for the "madame"

I call this bird "the General" 
because their red and yellow wing patches 
remind me of old fashioned epaulettes on a general's uniform.


And a little training for your imagination!

Thunderclouds in the sky
turn into...
a dinosaur mom and her kids..
"Follow me, kids! Let's go- breath some fire!"
Aunties Summary

Waehrend wir auf den Highways entlangbrausen halte ich Ausschau nach Voegel.
Besonders entlang Seen und in feuchten Strassengraeben sieht man oft eine Amselart mit roten Flecken auf den Schultern. Sie erinnern mich an die Schulterdekoration einer Generaluniform.

Und noch was fuer die Vorstellungskraft.
Gewitterwolken werden zu einer Dinosaurierfamilie.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

ICK ICK - Ticked!

Travelling in the summer time 
is way different from travelling 
in the colder month.
One thing is for sure - one has to be on high alert 
for some small, nasty bugs.

A rest area we stopped at in Saskatchewan was heavily infested.
We found out the hard way!

We stopped to give Molly a break and walked her 
on nice green lawn, 
marked as "pets exercise area". 

Not a good choice.

Luckily we have no bug phobia, 
because we were "ticked"!

I found 17 (!!!!) ticks total on her and on us!
Some sat on her ears, around her eye lids, 
on her muzzle and on her legs.
Eeeek! Awful!

After that experience I stayed strictly on the pavement, 
and Molly was allowed on the very edge of the grass only. 
Before she was allowed back into the van 
I checked her legs and head for more unwanted hitch hikers.

My skin kept itching for hours after that. 
But so far, so good, it was all my imagination.

Aunties Summary

 Sommerzeit ist Zeckenzeit (Norwegian: flått). 
Saskatchewan ist voll davon. 
Nach einem Aufenthalt auf dem Rasen eines Rastplatzes 
habe ich Alles in Allem 17 Zecken entfernen muessen! 
Sie sassen auf ihrer Nase, Augen, Ohren und an den Beinen.
Ein paar hatten sich auch auf uns niedergelassen. 
Danach blieb ich auf dem Asphalt, und Molly durfte nur noch an der Rasenkante entlangehen.