Sunday, February 26, 2017

Update - fall/winter 2016/17

I have not been diligent this winter with keeping my blog updated.
There was not much going on that I could have
written about.
The golden, beautiful fall colours 
gave eventually way to a fair amount of snow.
It took us into February to get there.
As you can see it accumulated quite 
a bit. 
Mostly I sat and watched the sky change colour, 
looking at it through my living room window.
Bold sunsets before a storm  
moved in;
more gentle ones when the weather
got mild again.
Fishing vessels went out as the scallop
season started in the
beginning of February.
Another source of amusement are 
always the birds.
Although, we did not have many this winter.
Just before the big snow storm, in the
middle of February, there was a sudden rush.
Many birds were trying to get as much food as they could.
A Tree Sparrow seemed to ask for more, 
and a Blue Jay enjoyed the corn kernels.
One particular day we had a very rare guest.
Among the American Goldfinches I
detected a bright red flash.
A Northern Cardinal -
always amazingly beautiful.
Now I am waiting for the snow to melt

Auntie's translation

Schnell ein paar Photos. 
Die schönen Herbstfarben sind von erheblichen Schneemengen 
ersetzt worden. Meistens habe ich die Welt durch
mein Wohnzimmerfenster beobachtet.
Die leuchtenden Sonnenuntergänge vor dem Sturm und
die sanfteren wenn das Wetter wieder mild wurde.
Fischerboot auf dem Wasser, und Vögel die meine
Futterkästen besuchten.
Goldfinken, Spatzen, ein Blue Jay und
ein seltener Gast - der leuchtend rote Cardinal.
Jetzt hoffe ich das der Schnee bald weg