Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Family Day

Today they celebrated "Family Day" in Alberta. 
A grey day, with a few flurries. 
Not necessarily the best weather to go outside, but
Molly and I made it through the snow towards the Golf Course.
Lots of families and kids had gathered. 
There was a "Tobogganing Hill" 
an "Ice Rink" and "Horse-Sled" rides 
( they just turned the corner 
when I arrived, therefore no photo of that).
At least they all seemed to have lots of fun. 
(All photos were "shot from the hip".)
We couldn't linger either, I had to get back home. 
I was scheduled for work later this afternoon.

At the intersection where we turn towards home 
I had to just walk over to drop 
the "bag" into the special container. 
So I casually told Molly to "wait". 

When I turned
I saw this: 

She was not moving at all!
At home waited a cookie for her.
For myself: a nice piece of cake with cherry ice cream.
Monday afternoon Delight!

Thus fortified it was "Off to work"!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Coyote and Hare

The cold is back for a while and the morning was pretty frosty. 
But I carried the camera, just in case.
The plumes were more visible in the frigid air. 
Nobody would want 
to linger on the bench today.

I coyote took me by surprise 
as it crossed the path in a flash of about 4 seconds. 
No chance to get a shot at him.
I had to "borrow" this from the net to show how it looked like.
Molly was all alert, but I kept her safe on the leash!

When we returned home the Snowshoe Hare 
was sitting on the front lawn. 

I had not seen the animal for quite a while, 
only some tracks in the fresh fallen snow. 
When it saw Molly and me it took off through the shrubs 
and around the house. 

Taking a chance I quietly went inside 
and switched lenses on my camera. 

He would be long gone 
by the time I came back out, I thought.  

 Camera ready, I carefully peeked 
around the corner of the house.

There he was still sitting. 
Do you see it?
Having a "conversation" 
with one of the garden ornaments.
He was not too shy either,
I even could get a photo of his long hind legs.
Last not least, he posed for me.
Thank you! Click.

Aunt Inge's Summary

Hätte ich doch fast vergessen!
Heute morgen war es ziemlich kalt, aber man muss ja mit dem Hund raus. Ein Kojote raste über den Weg, doch er war zu schnell für mich.
Deshalb musste ich ein Photo vom "net" borgen. Wieder beim Haus sass doch der Hase wieder da. Schnell rein, Kameralinse tauschen und hoffen das er noch da sitzt. Sass er. Er "unterhielt" sich mit einem Gartenornament. Zeigte seinen grossen Hinterläufe und setzte sich richtig in Pose! Danke! Klick.