Saturday, October 20, 2018

Dixie on the Golf Course

Today the weather turned sunny and mild in the afternoon 
and I decided to take Dixie for her afternoon walk 
across the local golf course. 
The golf season is over, the Club House is closed for the winter, 
 but people are allowed to use the area. 
We try to stay on the Fringe, the rough, grassy edges, as much as possible 
and only cross the Fairway if necessary.
It is always so peaceful. 
At the bottom of this Fairway there is small lake where 
rainwater run-off gathers. 
Several small trails, used by the caretakers, 
connect the Fairways. They are nice short cuts for us and
Dixie is allowed to run off leash.
The grass is covered with colourful maple leaves.
I use the opportunity to train the command: "sit"
Perfect- on a distance of 15m (49')
 Dixie is looking around, questioning herself 
as to "why" I choose to ask her to sit. 
She always does that when I call er in or command her to sit.
There must be a reason, or? - she seems to think.
I have spotted people/dogs and taken her on the leash 
before Dixie gets aware of them.
Better safe than sorry.
No-one around this time.
After about an hours walk 
we are ready to leave for home.
A last look around, enjoying the sunlight.
Dixie - our big girl.
Great Pyrenee/Anatolian Shepherd/whatever mixed breed.
14 month, 63cm, 70kg - (28", 154 pound)

Solange das Wetter mild ist machen wir täglich einen langen Spaziergang. Heute sind wir über den 
örtlichen Golf Course gewandert. Nach Saisonende dürfen alle die grünen Flächen benutzen.
Einige Pfade kreuzen die Rasenflächen und wir üben "Sitz" auf 15m Entfernung.
Klappt auch ganz gut. Sie sieht sich allerdings misstrauisch um. Hat sie etwas übersehen?
Meistens gibt es Kommandos wenn ich Leute oder fremde Hunde gesehen habe. 
Aber diesmal war keiner da.
Nach einer Stunde sind wir wieder am Ausgangspunkt angekommen und es geht
ab nach Hause.
Dixie, unsere Mischlingshündin, ist ganz schön gewachsen. 
14 Monate alt, Schulterhöhe 63cm und 70 kg schwer.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Breezy and Colourful

Dixie's look tells me it is:
Time for her walk!
Off we go.
Fall is a time of glowing colours.
 The red, the orange, the yellow and bronze.
It is not as spectacular here as on the mainland 
but there are spots of brightness to be found.
One of the walks close to home lead me across
an old, small cemetery. 
It dates back to around 1830.
The old trees always give a lot shelter from the wind. 
Nearby: St. Anne's Anglican Church.
Further on, walking along North Road
a fierce Northwestern was whipping up whitecaps, 
even a few flurries were in the air at times,
 reminding me of the winter to come 
with its relentless storms. 
Today, the gales where strong enough 
to keep passengers of the small cruise ship "Pearl Mist" 
from visiting Campobello. 
They waited all afternoon for an improvement in the weather -
which never came.
After anchoring the night in Friar's Bay 
the "Pearl Mist" will depart in the morning towards St. Andrews, NB.

Back from the walk, at home
a drought stressed forsythia has started to bloom again.
Some late roses and nasturtiums
are brightening up my vegetable garden.
I love the fall colours 
but hate the messengers of a new winter to come.

As you see, I finally found out how to write a text into my photos.
I just was too lazy to update all of them. :)

Der Herbst bringt die schönsten Farben
 aber auch die Vorwarnung was uns der Winter bringen wird. 
Die stürmischen Wintertage. 
Heute ging mein Spaziergang über den alten Friedhof der Anglikanischen Kirche. 
Seine Anfänge gehen zurück bis um 1830. 
Die alten Bäume bieten einen guten Windschutz. 
 Auf der Landstrasse entlang der Küste wehte heute ein stürmischer Nordwestwind. 
Er war auch die Ursache dafür das die Passagiere des kleinen Kreuzfahrtschiffs "Pearl Mist" 
nicht auf Campobello and Land gehen konnten. 
Sie warteten den ganzen Nachmittag vergeblich auf eine Wetterbesserung. 
Nach einer Nacht vor Anker in der Bucht werden sie morgen früh weiter nach St. Andrews shippern.
Zuhause angelangt: ein Forsythienstrauch, von der Sommerdürre gestresst, hat neue Blüten angesetzt. Ein paar späte Rosen und Kapuzinerkresse blühen auch noch in meinem Garten.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dixie - home alone

As a dog owner there is always the question:
What shall we do in case we are not at home for some reason or other?
That day had arrived.
 Peter was having an assignment for a tour in St John, NB 
and I was scheduled for a Dr's appointment in the same town. 
That meant for us to be away from home all day long, from 8AM to at least 6PM. (8-18:00Uhr).

The thing is - Dixie does not easily trust in strangers even though we have tried all we can to socialize her and meet strangers on the beach and along the road.
She will never be a "love-all-people-labrador"
and: Dixie has not been walked by others than us either.

While living near Cold Lake, Alberta, we very fortunately had
a great boarding kennel available nearby.

Too far away now. 

The solution came in form of our good friends and owners of 3 poodle girls. 
The "girls" have been good playmates all summer long. 

"Summer", Dixie and little "Acadia" are best friends.
Dixie also knows their owners since the first day she came to us.
Meet and greet: Ken and Dixe in November 2017
10 month have past since then.
So today was the trust test.

We invited Deborah and Ken over to our house and while they knocked on the door, entered 
and met Dixie WITHOUT US being present in the house 
we, Peter and I, stayed out of sight, hidden outside.

What would Dixie do?
She barked, of course. Then realized it was her friends coming over for a visit -
and that was it. 
No problem at all. They put her on the leash and walked her. 
She went willingly. 
And so it went well while we were away the day after. 
No problem at all. 
What a relief for us. Another hurdle taken.
Now we have to test this with another friend and another. 
Just in case. 

Friends visiting. Is Acadia allowed on "my" couch?
 All dogs love Peter.
Acadia is the same age as Dixie was when we got her.
Two cuties.

A big "Thank you!" to Deborah and Ken.


Finally I have the couch for myself again! 

Für jeden Hundebesitzer kommt der Tag an dem man seinen Vierbeiner alleine zuhause lassen muss, aus welchem Grund auch immer. Dieser Tag war nun auch für uns angekommen. Peter und ich mussten nach St John, einer Stadt 2,5 Fahrstunden entfernt und wir würden den ganzen Tag nicht zu Hause sein können.
Dixie hat auch kein Vertrauen in Fremde, sie wird niemals wie ein "ich-liebe-alle-Menschen-Labrador" sein. Glücklicherweise erklärten sich unsere Freunde bereit einzuspringen. Sie selbst besitzen 3 Pudelhündinnen und Dixie und die 3 sind gute Freunde. Dixie kennt sie auch seit dem Tag 
als sie zu uns kam, denn sie waren einer der Ersten die sie bei uns begrüsst haben.
Wir machten den Test. 
Unsere Freunde kamen, klopften an die Tür, und gingen ins Haus, während wir uns draussen versteckt hielten. Wie würde Dixie reagieren? 
Sie hat natürlich gebellt, aber schnell gemerkt dass es ihre guten Freunde waren. Sie liess sich anstandslos an die Leine nehmen und ging mit ihnen ein Stück spazieren.
Da fiel uns ein Stein vom Herzen.

So hat es dann auch am folgenden Tag alles reibungslos geklappt. 
Ein herzliches Dankeschön and Deborah und Ken!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Early morning walk

Today I was up on the beach a little earlier than normal and was able 
to catch the sun rising over the Bay of Fundy. 
The beach was all deserted and the air very soft and mild.
We walked by this old tree root. Sometimes it is nearly buried with sand.
Today, after the last tide, it was exposed again.
Looks somewhat like a crab to me.
Someone build this "sculpture" out of driftwood. I wonder
how long it will survive?
We walked only for half a mile before turning in towards Lake Glensevern. 
After the latest rain the water level has risen to nearly normal again.
The lake was like a mirror this morning.
Dixie loves the tall beach grass.
Perfect reaction to my recall. 
What a good girl!
Today she turned 14 month. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

October hike to Sunsweep Sculpture

One of our favourite trails on the island is 
Sunsweep Trail. 
That's were we went today.
Although the trees are colouring on the mainland we still 
have plenty of green around here.
We followed one of the carriage roads into the park to
Liberty Point and parked close to the trailhead.
Along the path, which is part board walk, part natural,
 we also found some mushrooms.
The trail leads us along the rugged coast of the island, 
facing the Bay of Fundy.
In the distance: "Rugget Point" our destination for today.
In the seaweeds a Great Blue Heron is watching our progress.
This sculpture is only half an hour away from the parking lot.
All of the trails are well marked.
The afternoon sun was bright, the air very clear with
a brisk wind out of the northwest.

After 30 minutes we reached Sunsweep Scuplture,
erected in 1985 by Michigan artist 
David Barr (1939 - 2015) 
as a symbol for international friendship. 
The other parts of the sculpture are located at 
a place near Lake-of-the-woods, Minnesota 
and Point Roberts, Washington.
In the distance the ferry from Grand Manan on
its way back to Black Harbour, NB.
We never get tired of the spectacular view.
Sometimes we spot whales out in the water, but 
we were not lucky today.
Just beautiful nature all around us. 

Heute sind wir zur Sunsweep Skulptur gewandert. Dieser Pfad entlang der Küste ist eines unserer Favoriten hier auf der Insel. Eine halbe Stunde vom Parkplatz entfernt, auf der Spitze von "Rugget Point" gelegen befindet sich die Skulptur. Sie ist eines von 3 Teilen. 
Errichtet wurde sie 1985 von einem Künstler aus Michigan, David Barr (1939-2015),
 als Symbol für internationale Freundschaft. 
Die beiden anderen Teile findet man:
 in der Nähe vom "Lake-of-the-Woods, Minnesota und auf "Point Roberts", Washington.
Wir sahen Pilze und einen Reiher. In der Ferne zog die Fähre von Grand Manan in Richtung Blacks Harbour. Wir werden nie müde diese grossartige Aussicht zu geniessen.