Thursday, September 27, 2018

Late September Day

After a night with heavy rain and thunder the day turned out
mild and sunny.
Perfect for the daily walk along our favourite beach.
The crowds were definitely thinner this season because 
the ferry connection to the mainland via Deer Island never came to life.
The boat company did not get the new barge going in time. 
Subsequently it was a bad summer for many businesses who lost out on a lot of potential guests,
because not everyone is comfortable with taking the land route through Maine 
to get to Campobello Island.
So, we mostly had the beaches for ourselves.
Just a few people here and there and they never walk as far as we do anyway.
A driftwood pile adorns the beach just waiting for the
next storm to take it apart.
A fishing vessel out on the bay, the island Grand Manan in the background.
Every year we are considering taking the ferry to see how it looks like over there.
 So far it has not happened.
We are always too busy with work during the summer.
Off leash time!
Dixie has a great time digging deep holes into the soft sand.
And we appreciate when she digs here than on our lawn.

At home there was a newly backed batch of ginger cookies waiting for us.
Soon there will be Halloween and Pumpkin time!

Fall is here.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Dixie News

Dixie has grown up, she is now 13.5 month old and I tried
to see the difference in size by using the coat I made for her
in December last year.
Dixie 4.5 month (December 2017)
Dixie 8 month  (April 2018)
Dixie 13.5 month (September 2018)
Surprisingly it still fits somewhat. The belt is in its last hole and the collar is barely holding but I can use the same pattern again to make a new rain coat. The final one. 
We think she has now reached her final size. 62 cm (24 ") at the shoulder and we guess her weight is about 31 kg (70 lbs). 
She is also very good at picking cans off the road. We go and pick bottles and cans regularly. 
There are so many people giving a good day in pollution.
We care.
Not the best photo, my old Samsung has an awful camera.
It just shows Dixie compared in size to her Golden Retriever friend Beau.
She is about 10 cm (3.9 ") taller.
"Lady Longlegs"