Friday, June 12, 2015

A General's epaulettes

While driving along the highways I always have my eyes open 
for the birds along the road. 
It is hard to get a sharp shot at 75 mi/hour (110kmh). 
But at one place we had to stop for a few minutes 
and I got some not too bad photos. 
 They thrive in the reed along small lakes, 
or in the ditches along the road. 
It is a red winged black bird. 
 Showing off for the "madame"

I call this bird "the General" 
because their red and yellow wing patches 
remind me of old fashioned epaulettes on a general's uniform.


And a little training for your imagination!

Thunderclouds in the sky
turn into...
a dinosaur mom and her kids..
"Follow me, kids! Let's go- breath some fire!"
Aunties Summary

Waehrend wir auf den Highways entlangbrausen halte ich Ausschau nach Voegel.
Besonders entlang Seen und in feuchten Strassengraeben sieht man oft eine Amselart mit roten Flecken auf den Schultern. Sie erinnern mich an die Schulterdekoration einer Generaluniform.

Und noch was fuer die Vorstellungskraft.
Gewitterwolken werden zu einer Dinosaurierfamilie.

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  1. Always so interesting cloud formations, nice translation of them.


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