Thursday, June 11, 2015

ICK ICK - Ticked!

Travelling in the summer time 
is way different from travelling 
in the colder month.
One thing is for sure - one has to be on high alert 
for some small, nasty bugs.

A rest area we stopped at in Saskatchewan was heavily infested.
We found out the hard way!

We stopped to give Molly a break and walked her 
on nice green lawn, 
marked as "pets exercise area". 

Not a good choice.

Luckily we have no bug phobia, 
because we were "ticked"!

I found 17 (!!!!) ticks total on her and on us!
Some sat on her ears, around her eye lids, 
on her muzzle and on her legs.
Eeeek! Awful!

After that experience I stayed strictly on the pavement, 
and Molly was allowed on the very edge of the grass only. 
Before she was allowed back into the van 
I checked her legs and head for more unwanted hitch hikers.

My skin kept itching for hours after that. 
But so far, so good, it was all my imagination.

Aunties Summary

 Sommerzeit ist Zeckenzeit (Norwegian: flått). 
Saskatchewan ist voll davon. 
Nach einem Aufenthalt auf dem Rasen eines Rastplatzes 
habe ich Alles in Allem 17 Zecken entfernen muessen! 
Sie sassen auf ihrer Nase, Augen, Ohren und an den Beinen.
Ein paar hatten sich auch auf uns niedergelassen. 
Danach blieb ich auf dem Asphalt, und Molly durfte nur noch an der Rasenkante entlangehen.


  1. OMG, Bea, that's just awful. One is bad enough, but 17 ?!? You are right, good thing you aren't creeped out by ticks. Poor little Mollie. It sounds like you found them fairly quickly, though, and that's a good thing. :)

  2. Yes, and none was firmly attached yet. But it took about two hours until we caught up with the last one! I still start itching when I think about it. Eew! Too bad that there is nothing that prevents the tick from approaching us, the anti tick stuff is only killing when it sucks blood from the dog.

  3. Good thing that you found them right away, not to watch out for those grassy areas.


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