Thursday, November 19, 2015

One more task done

NOV 19th and still blooming! 
I was so tempted to let it go on for ever.
One of my Geranium plants
But the days are getting shorter and darker, 
and for another two month, or more, 
there will be no chance of growth here in my greenhouse. 
Therefore I decided: today is the day.
I manned myself up and took all planters apart. 

The begonia corms are now dry and will be stored on cardboard, 
in a dark cool spot.
Begonia plants are getting prepared for a
slumber in the basement.

All geranium plants are reduced by a third, and placed in our light, cool entrance. 
I forgot to take a photo of that place, but I will bring it up soon. 

Watering is reduced so that the soil is nearly dried out. This, and the 
low temperatures  should start dormancy. 
In a few weeks time these plants will be hung upside down 
in our the cool, dark basement until I can revive them come March. 
The debris was gathered and moved to the compost bin. 
I could have started new plants from the clippings, you could argue, 
but I lack enough window sill and lights to be able to do that. 
Debris destine for the compost bin
I have only one clipping, taken from a geranium with white flowers, 
that is growing roots in water right now. 
I hope to keep it growing throughout the winter season.

It is hard to let go of summer. 
There are still flowers on my Calendulas (Marigolds) outside. 
After I had cleared and organized my greenhouse 
Some hardy Calendula are still showing flowers

I picked some of the flowers and went inside to 
to bake peanut butter cookies.
Comfort food. 
It seems so long until spring will be back again. 

Peanut butter cookies right out of the oven!
Lots of dark, snowy days lay ahead. 
I have to find something positive in that picture.

Auntie's translation
Im Gewächshaus blühten noch immer die Topfblumen. Aber
heute habe ich mich aufgerafft und sie fürs Überwintern 
zurecht gemacht. Geranien und Begonien sind jetzt
so trocken dass ich sie im kühlen, dunklen Keller
lagern kann. Hoffentlich klappt das.
Die Reste wanderten auf den Komposthaufen.

Draussen wachsen immer noch Calendula. Davon habe ich
mir ein paar Blüten mit ins Haus genommen 
und dann zwei Bleche Plätzchen gebacken.
Man muss sich ja irgendwie trösten.
Jetzt kommen nur noch die Monate mit den langen, kalten Tagen.

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  1. Soon you will bundling up to make through the long cold winter.
    Keep warm.


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