Monday, January 4, 2016

Aurora? Eye versus Lens

The story goes about how I saw the Northern Lights.
On Saturday night there was a warning out.
We would probably be able to see the aurora borealis
as far as down to Halifax, NS.
I watched this page until about 10:30 PM when the 
strongest part of the aurora seemed to be over Labrador.
Then I walked outside, all bundled up against
the cold, and saw "green shine" in the northern skies, 
growing by the minute.
I thought.
It looked like THIS to my naked eyes.
To my dismay, once inside again, 
it looked like THAT 
once I downloaded the shots!
 I have been able to observe the aurora borealis
many times.
Both in Norway and in Alberta.
I knew: it starts out with 
a green shine which grows, and grows until 
you see the spears and/or curtains waving.
These photos, taken by Arnfinn Malmedal, Norway, 
nicely show how it can evolves.

So, the longer I look at my photos now, the more I am convinced
that it was just a cloud,
lit up from below,
and not a Northern Light at all.
If I compare, the green light is above the clouds and not underneath.

Why did my eyes see it "green" and the camera saw it "orange"? 
It is because my eyes are not capable of seeing the total
amount of colours that a more sensitive 
camera lens is able to "see".
The older the worse, I guess.

I saw this discussed online, like here.

So, there I am. The "green" was "orange", 
and the aurora borealis 
probably was an illuminated cloud.

BUT - it was a good way to train for the real happening.
I am sure it will come, one day.

I will keep my eyes on this web page 
and monitor the sky.
A strength of "5" is not enough,
It would have to be a "6" or 7" to get a good 
 This is what I have to watch out for. 
A STRONG aurora borealis, that reaches
far too the south.

One thing is true: it will NEVER be 
as in the skies of
the Northern Territories. 

We are just too far south.
But something like in "Arnfinn's shots"
 should be possible.

There is always another chance.

Aunties translation
Da habe ich doch gedacht ich hätte ein Nordlicht geknipst.
Bei längerem  Betrachten jedoch bin ich mir nun sicher das es eine "Ente" war.
Es muß eine von unten beleuchtete Wolke gewesen sein.
Mein Augen sahen "grün" wo die Kamera "orange" sah.
Experten erklären das damit, daß unser Auge
nicht sensitiv genug ist um alle Farben erkennen zu können.
Die Kameralinse ist uns überlegen.
Ausserdem war die Stärke des Nordlichts mit "5" angegeben.
Ich muß wohl Ausschau halten nach Stärke "6 " oder drüber.
Eines ist jedoch sicher, Aufnahmen so wie in
den Northwest Territories oder in
Norwegen werden wir es hier nie sehen.
Dafür sind wir zu weit im Süden gelegen.
Aber es müsste möglich sein
Aufnahmen machen zu können,
ähnlich wie es "Arnfinn Malmedal" zeigt.
Abwarten und Tee trinken, und die Nordlichtwetterseite
im Auge behalten.

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