Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hawk Drama

A hawk, a drama.

(Sorry, befittingly it was a grey, rainy day)

This afternoon there was a killing 
right in under of our bird feeder.
Recently a flock of 5 - 15 
mourning doves started to visit us every day.
They use to spread out over the lawn 
feeding on what the chickadees, finches ...
.... and nuthatches discard from the feeder.
Beware the predators!

Today, about 100 m (about 100 yards) away 
on top of a tall spruce tree, 
I saw a hawk perching, surveying the area.
Obviously, he was evaluating the situation 
and weighing his chances.

A few minutes later it happened. 
A frenetic flutter of birds outside

and when I looked through the window - 
there he was, right on the lawn. 
 The drama was a fact.
Life is brutal. It is all about survival. 

Auntie's translation

Heute hat ein Bussard eine Taube geschlagen, direkt 
unter dem Futterhäuschen.

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  1. Must be hungry. He is there every other day now and of the 5 regular doves visiting there are now only 3 left.


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