Saturday, January 7, 2017

Flu time - also for birds

It is this time of the year when the flu seems to be everywhere. 
Also in my bird community. 
That is so sad.
Today, there was high activity at the feeders. 
 We are expecting bad weather for Sunday and Monday.
It is predicted to get cold, snowy and high winds with a wind chill
down to -29C (-20F).
It seemed as if the birds were eager, filling up their "batteries."
I saw mostly finches and chickadees.
The temperature had dropped to -10C (14F).
No wind, yet.
One of the little finches was bullied by the others. 
Several times the other birds 
chased him away from the feeder. 

Taking a closer look you could see -
there was something wrong with this little fellow.
The other birds were looking sleek, compared.
It looked more like a feather ball, double it's size. 
My guess was that it has "the flu" and was feaverish. 
Therefor, the feathers are raised, it was freezing. Poor thing. 
With a winter storm approaching there is no chance of survival for this one. 
The sun has set, it is getting dark, all birds have left, 
except this little sick guy.
Not all will make it through the winter.
Nature is cruel.

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