Friday, January 16, 2015

A new year and a fresh start

I decided to give it a fresh start. 
The old page titled: "Dinner for two"
 has taken on it's own life and grown from a food oriented blog 
into a mere causerie 
( chat or gossip, short and informal essay).

"Dinner for two" is misleading readers 
into believing that it is a food blog. 
Therefore I decided to continue my ramblings 
under this new blog address. 

Sidewalk - as in a path along the main road, 
where one can walk leisurely 
taking the time to observe. 

That's what I am doing. 
Taking my time searching for, 
and looking at, things to write about. 

So, that's the story behind the change.
I hope you will find me here and continue to follow my causeries.
Thank you for subscribing and welcome back!

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  1. A new lifestyle and a fresh start on the sidewalk, looking forward to you postings.


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