Sunday, January 25, 2015

Doggie Walk and Lemon Cake

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Welcome on board again Diania! 
By the way, 
I tried the lemon cake you
shared on FB. Very good! 
Sunday afternoon
J.P was on the job, driving somewhere 
up in the northern part of Alberta.
I had the weekend off and 
it was time for Molly's daily walk.
Today we decided to check out that bridge.

The frozen Northern Saskatchewan River lays way below.
Molly who does not like bridges and was very sceptical.

Is that safe to walk here?
She showed her "stress face", but we made it safely back.

After that experience we took a stroll over the golf course.
Or should I rather say: we slipped and glided.

There was lots of water everywhere, and the family of
snowmen showed signs of stress too.
This warm week has taken it's toll.
They are melting away.
On our way back we met a huge Akita girl.
Wagging tails and contact was made. This was more after Molly's taste.
Well home there was waiting a treat for both of us. 
Milk bone for Molly and freshly baked lemon cake (loaf) for me.

My friend Diania shared the recipe on FB
and I was tempted to try it. 
It turned out very delicious even 
if I didn't have all the ingredients.
Aunt Inge's Zusammenfassung

Während J.P. auf der Arbeit war bin ich alleine mit dem Hund spazieren gegangen. Heute haben wir uns die Fussgängerbrücke vorgenommen. Molly war ziemlich vorsichtig, sie mag keine Brücken, aber wir haben es ohne Probleme geschafft. Anschliessend sind wir über den Golfplatz geschlitteret. Die Schneemannfamilie hat die warme Woche nicht gut überlebt, sie schmelzen dahin. Auf dem Rückweg hat Molly die Bekanntschaft eines freundlichen Akitas gemacht.
Wieder zuhause gab es für sie einen Hundekuchen und für mich ein Stück frischgebackene Zitronenschnitte.
Das Rezept hatte eine Freundin auf FB empfohlen.

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