Thursday, January 22, 2015

Making Puddles into Art

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The day started out pretty good. We got 50° F (10°C)! Not too bad for 
Alberta in January. A few more degrees and we would have had the same as in Las Vegas, NV - they reported 57°F (14°C) today.
With the warm temperatures the snow is melting rapidly.
Water is dripping from the gutters and puddles are growing everywhere. 
Luckily I still own a pair of cleats to attach to my shoes. 
Many times I was on the brink to throw them into the "garage sale" bin. 
Good that I didn't. 
Today, walking the dog would have been more like skating.
After having conquered an hour along treacherous icy sidewalks 
I decided the part in front of "our" property 
did need some work. 
I grabbed the ice-spade and set to work. 
Within a few minutes the slushy ice was removed. 

After the walk, and after the chore was done, 
I enjoyed my hard earned cup of coffee, 
and checked through the photos I happened to take today. 
Lots of slushy roads!
Boring, I thought. 
But wait - and I took a closer look at them. 
I found some:

"Modern paintings"
Black and White
Silver Jewellery 
Ice Cave
Bubbles and Leaf

If you want to know what it is, 
you have to look further down the page,  
after summary for aunt Inge.

Aunt Inge's Zusammenfassung

Heute war es ziemlich warm für Januar. +10°C! 
Ich musste mir "Spikes" unter die Schuhe schnallen, 
die Gehwege waren furchtbar glatt. 
Nach dem Spaziergang mit dem Hund 
habe ich dann noch unseren Teil vor dem Haus vom Eis befreit. 
Ich hatte ein paar Photos von all dem Schneematsch gemacht, 
und entdeckt das man sie bei näherer Betrachtung
als moderne Kunst gehen lassen könnte. 
Und ein Schneehäschen war auch dabei.


The original Photos:
Water puddle on the sidewalk for leaf and jewellery
Reflections for ice cave (upside down)
A fence for: black and white

Opps! What is there in the far corner by the fence?

An "Easter Bunny", 
aka snow shoe hare, in it's white winter coat!

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