Saturday, January 17, 2015

Moving out - moving in.

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It is not only a change in my blog address that has happened, 
but also a change as to our living quarters.
A while ago we were so fortunate to find an opportunity 
to be "house-sitter" for some really nice people. 

Today was the moving day!
They went off, and we headed in. 
The master of the house was occupied
with an "important email".
Yesterday I did all the packing. Mostly clothes and perishable food items. 
It is amazing how much stuff one owes, 
even when living in small spaces. 

Around noon we moved across town and into our temporary, new home. 
It took us about 2 hours before 
everything was carried in and organized. 
Soon we relaxed with our first cup of coffee at lunch time. 

After that J.P. went on an errand, and Molly and I started out to find
the "off leash dog walk". 
It is not too far away, right along the, now frozen 
North Saskatchewan River.
The weather was mild, with temperatures above the freezing mark. 
We met several big dogs, with their owners in tow, 
and some other friendly hikers.
Nice. I like it here.
I guess we will enjoy ourselves a lot. 
Molly found lots of new spots to check, 
and we saw several markings that indicate ...
... the presence of coyotes in the area. 
No good idea to walk the dog here, come dusk or dawn.
We returned an hour later we, 
and soon Molly was snoozing on her day blanket.

She has lots of experience with travelling. 
But, we know that it takes her about two weeks 
before she really will feel at home in a new place. 
You know, a new place for the food dishes, new places to sleep at. 
Everything is so different from the "normal". 

Well, now we have dined and finally take time to enjoy the 
super high speed internet connection! Wow.
Tomorrow it will be back to normal work days. 
Until then - have a good nights sleep!

Lately I got a serious complain from a dear family member. 
Couldn't we please take into consideration that not all readers 
are able to read English but would like to enjoy this page.

So, here is the solution:
I place a short translation 
on the bottom of my pages.


Aunt Inge's Zusammenfassung

Gestern war Umzugstag. Alles Nötige wurde in Kartons verpack.
Heute sind wir eingezogen und haben unsere Zeit als "house-sitter" angefangen.
Am Nachmittag habe ich die Gegend gefunden wo Molly von der Leine gelassen werden darf. Auf einem Pfad, ganz unten am Saskatchewan River. 
Überall waren Spuren von Koyoten zu sehen. 
Anschliessend haben wir es uns in unserem neuen Heim 
gemühtlich gemacht.



  1. Wonderful now that you can enjoy your new warm house.

    1. It is totally unreal after many month in a small trailer.

  2. Hallo ihr 3,

    viel Spaß jetzt im warmen Haus wünschen Jutta + Reinhard

    1. HI! Das ist aber lieb das ich Euch hier sehe! Willkommen!

  3. I love snow scenes and these are beautiful and heartwarming. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  4. Thanks, Linda. I guess you have some of the white stuff too.

  5. Molly looks so comfortable - glad she is adapting to the new house. It looks very nice! :)


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