Saturday, January 24, 2015

This and that - Magpies

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First I will welcome the first of my new "old" followers here.
Norman and Susan, as well as Dee.
Great to see you here!

I hope you will enjoy this new blog as well as you did the old one.
 I tried to get G+, or Google Circles to work, 
but I am not sure about it. 
All these gadgets nowadays! Constantly evolving and changing. 
I fell of the band wagon, I guess. 

This morning I talked to Aunt Inge, and we found out 
that she was not able to open up my link in her emails 
for whatever reasons. 
She always got a "VLS - cannot open" message. 
(Any idea Rick?)
We fixed it for now by typing the link 
directly into the search field on her browser. 
That way she was able to get access to my new pages 
and found out where to look for "her summary". 
I will give the text a different colour to make it even easier to detect.

Aunt Inge, who is in her eighties (!), is the only one of the family, 
that I know of, who enjoys reading the blog regularly 
- but only if she can read it in German. 
So, there.

Now - what's new?
As nice as the warm weather is, there is a downside to it. 
It is getting very tricky.
Yesterday night it rained for a while 
and this morning all roads in our residential area were 
covered with pure ice! 
It was awful to walk on this kind of surface, 
even with spikes (cleats) under my shoes. 
Passing vehicles were crawling by with 6m/h (10 km/h).
Even Molly with her "4-wheel-drive" slipped times and again.
I didn't dare bring my camera, (in case I would fall too), 
I just snapped these with my cellphone.

Last week, on one of the gloomier days we had, 
I took some photos of birds I didn't see much of on the island.
The Magpie
In this area you find them are everywhere. 
Busy flying around, checking for eatables.
There are many myths spun about the magpie. 
Interesting reading.
As a child I learned that these birds will steal shiny things,
like rings and coins.
Someone in Alberta told me this:
 If you happen to see a pair of Magpies
 don't forget to say "Hello Mr and Mrs Magpie".
Because it brings you luck.
 Somewhere I found this:
'Bible story says that this bird was excluded from the ark
because it chattered so much and was forced to ride on the roof.'


Inge's Zusammenfassung
Ich bin ja mal gespannt ob du dieses Mal den Eintrag direkt per email bekommst und es auch lesen kannst. Ich glaube dass du die Einzige von der Familie bist die regelmässig meinen Blogeintrag liest.

Was gibt es Neues?

Das warme Wetter hat auch seine negativen Seiten.
Gestern nacht hat es geregnet und heute morgen waren die Stassen pures Eis.
Es war ganz schön anstrenged sich auf den Beinen zu halten,
trotz Spikes unter den Schuhen.
Sogar Molly hatte Probleme. Meine gute Kamera habe ich lieber zuhause gelassen und die beiden ersten Photos nur mit dem Handy gemacht.

Letzte Woche aber, an einem trüben Nachmittag, habe ich ein paar Photos von
Elstern gemacht. Die sieht man auf unserer Insel überhaupt nicht.
Hier aber fliegen sie überall herum.
Es gibt eine Menge Geschichten über die Elster.
So ähnlich wie mit schwarzen Katzen.

Als Kind hat man mir gesagt
dass die Elstern glizernde Dinge, wie Ringe und Münzen, stehlen.

Hier in Kanada wurde mir erzählt das ich ein Elsternpaar immer grüssen sollte.
Das würde Glück bringen!
Auf dem Internet habe ich dann noch gelesen das die Elstern
nicht mit in der Arche Noah sein durften weil sie zuviel Lärm machten.
Sie mussten draussen auf dem Dach sitzen!

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  1. How wonderful that you post your blog in German for Aunt Inge. What a special lady that she even attempts to use the computer!! I remember the first time Joe's mom saw her grandson (Joe's son) on face time. She was so overwhelmed she could only giggle. We finally got her to at least say hi to him and when she heard that at the same time she saw him she just giggled again.


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