Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Walking the area

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Every day I am exploring the neighbourhood 
a little bit more. 
 We walk along alleys and back alleys. 
To "the lay of the land "
and to give Molly a new map in her head. 

The weather is still on the mild side, with temperatures 
around or above the freezing mark.
Across the river, to the East, one can see heavy oil industry 
and a waste water treatment plant. 
Sometimes, when the wind is right, we can smell 
the foul odour of the fumes they exude. 
Luckily the main wind direction is from the west and north.
To the West there is the Skyline of the City. 
Especially beautiful 
if you are early up and catch it illuminated 
by the morning sunshine. 

Early in the day we usually meet a lot of dog owners out 
on their first walks. One friendly guy remarked 
with a big smile on his face: 
" Who needs a gym with these companions, eh?"

"That's so true, they get you off the couch!"

In the afternoon you will find many people (and dogs) ...

... enjoying the various trails.  

That's the time when to go for an extended hike. 

Earlier or later in the day there is a certain possibility to 
run into coyotes, (or other unsafe situations).

It is best to be on the safe side.

Today we walked across a golf course. 

Deeply covered with snow it is open for the public. 

 Marks in the snow indicate that the steep banks 

are most popular for tobogganing.
Molly is excited about the possibilities 

and constantly meeting new friends.

was not too sure about the whole experiment. 
A whole family of snowmen 
was observing our

Lately I got a serious complain from a dear family member. 
Couldn't we please take into consideration that not all readers 
are able to read English but would like to enjoy this page.

So, here is the solution:
I place a short translation 
on the bottom of my pages.
Aunt Inge's Zusammenfassung

Die ersten Tage verbringen wir 
mit ausgedehnten Spaziergängen. 
Durch die Alleen, über einen verschneiten Golf Platz 
und entlang des Saskatchewan River.
Im Osten sieht man eine Petroleumfabrik 
und im Westen die Hochhäuser der City.
Molly freut sich über die grossen freien Flächen 
und trifft dabei ständig auf neue Freunde.

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  1. Now you have a nice warm house, sunny days a wonderful walking trail to explore, enjoy!


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