Sunday, March 22, 2015

Where is Spring?? Not here.

We got quite a bit snow over night. 
 Some were even using the street 
for letting their kids 
snowboarding behind the speeding car!
Fun, as long as no other car  
is coming in
the opposite direction!
 Where I was enjoying green grass 
the other day
everything was covered with the 
white stuff again.
 Where I rested on the warm grass, 
I got a wet bottom, just taking this photo.

But the sky was blue and the sunshine warm.
I am sure George you are right, 
it won't last long.
The sunshine was melting the snow already.
Molly was more interested in mice 
burrowed under the snow. 
Quite exciting! But she had not success.
A fallen tree, chopped into pieces.
Covered with fresh fallen

Aunt Inge's Translation

Wir haben mal wieder Neuschnee bekommen. 
Da wo ich letztens noch auf trockenem Rasen saß 
habe ich heute einen nassen Hosenboden bekommen.
Aber es wird nicht lange liegen bleiben 
denn die Sonne ist schon recht warm. 
Molly suchte Mäuse unterm Schnee.
Jemand zog mit dem Auto seine Kinder
 auf dem Snowboard 
hinter sich her. 


  1. This could be the round of snow for you.
    I remember as a kid hanging on to car bumpers and being pulled along behind them sliding down the road as long as I wore the right no tread boots, fun yes !

  2. As George said hopefully this will be your last round of snow for this winter/spring.
    We definitely hope it's gone before we have to head home.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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