Saturday, November 28, 2015

More than 110 years

Recently I found a few really old photos of our house 
that were posted on "Campobello Old Photos".

The house, which sits by its own on top of the field still stands today. 
It is the very house that we are living in today, 
112 years later!
Isn't that amazing! 
After what we learned it was build, like many others in the neighbourhood, by a "C. Mitchell" in 1903 for a young 
"Edward Owen North" and his family.

The next photo I found shows the South side of a house sitting in a hayfield. I recognize it right away. There was no addition, no porch. Just the plain deck at the kitchen door. Cedar shingles on the roof.
At that time no trees or houses obscured the line of view. They must have had a spectacular sight over the water.

The next two photos are from Summer 2009, when we became the new owners, and the Fall of 2015. They show the difference that happened over the years.
A porch was attached and a addition with bathroom/ mud room is visible in the rear. The chimney is shorter and the roof is covered with asphalt shingles.

In 2011 we removed the old porch, because it was partially rotten, and build a wrap-around one instead. It gives lots of shade during the summer and keeps the house nice and cool inside even without A/C.
A different, bit blurry, photo of the old days shows our house from a South-western angle. A remark added told us that it was 1940, at the time when the new, fashionable porch had bee added.
Like this, the house remained nearly unchanged for about 70 years.

More houses have been build and trees grew up all around. 
Farmland turned into a lawn.

I loved the look of it the first moment I laid my eyes on it. 
Red with white trim, like our old log home we use to lived in in Norway. Flowers all around and an old apple tree on the front lawn.

Don't you agree that the sunny, yellow coat 
makes the house look younger. 
Who would think it is more than 110 years old?



And with the deck upstairs I made sure that 
we can enjoy the view over the water towards 
Eastport, ME
despite houses and trees.
Cold November day view, I didn't go outside
to take the shot. 
Too cold, sorry.

Auntie's translation

Letztens habe ich ein paar uralte Photos von unserem Haus gefungen. Das Erste war von einem Boot aus aufgenommen, und zeigt unser Haus oben auf dem Hügel. Das nächste Photo zeigt die Südseite des Hauses, ohne Terrasse und Anbau. Das muß im Jahre 1903, in dem es gebaut worden war, photografiert worden sein.
Ein weiters, etwas verschwommenes Bild, zeigt das Haus schräg von vorne. Da ist die überdeckte Terrasse zu sehen. Die ist, laut Angaben, im Jahr 1940 gebaut worden. 
Solche Terrassen waren damals groß in Mode.

Ich habe unsere Photos (2009/2015) darunter eingefügt um zu zeigen wie sich das Haus über die Jahre verändert hat. 
Mit neuer Terrasse und anderer Farbgebung sieht es doch irgendwie jünger und moderner aus. 
Wer kann sich schon denken dass es 
mehr als 112 Jahre alt ist?
Und vom Balkon in der oberen Etage kann man auch übers Wasser in Richtung Eastport sehen, trotz Häuser und Bäume die mittlerweile drumherum stehen.

Das letzte Photo habe ich heute gemacht (24.Nov) und es war zu kalt um raus zu gehen. 

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  1. It is so nice to spruce up and old house I have done that to a few and is so satisfying, Looks wonderful now.


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