Pictures - Just For The Fun Of It

This is my page where I collect all my manipulated photos.
It started out that one day in December 2016  I tried to play 
with a "GIMP" program, 
choosing from my vast selection of photos,
matching and mixing,
just for fun.
Lately  (2019) I started to draw in my cellphone.
The newest is always on top.

Head Harbour Light
Cellphone Art

Beach near ferry landing
Cellphone Art

Black-capped Chickadee
Cellphone Art

Sunset from Friar's Head
Cellphone Art

Sunset on a beach
Sunset view from a cave

In front of the Moon
Hawk watching Mourning Doves.

Eye and frozen window
I try to keep the newest on the top of the list.
Peacock on the Beach
Eyes of the Peacock
Harvest Moon and Lighthouse.

Eying a Butterfly
Linda taking a photo
Linda taking a photo
of a flowering agave in a weird setting.
Same night sky, different angle of the lighthouse.
Night sky and lighthouse, 2 photos.
No photo, just colouring with the program.
"Sunset for two".
Sunrise, Bridge from Herring Cove
in front of East Quoddy Lightstation
Shifting Dimensions, flying crow/raven
Flying Crow and Perching Doves
Frozen Puddle and Butterfly on Lilac
Frozen Puddle in front of Island
East Quoddy Lightstation, NB
re-placed at Herring Cove Beach
Geese and moon was the very first
layering I tried.

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