Monday, November 23, 2015

Snow? Not yet.

The weather forecast has predicted 
the first snowfall for our area. 
Arctic temperatures have already reached the Northeastern part 
of New Brunswick 
where winterstorm conditions are reported.
Not so here.
It rained all night but has stopped now. 
I went outside to get a photo 
of strawberry flowers I saw yesterday.

Yes - my pink ornamental strawberry actually produced three flowers! 
Strawberry flower on Nov 23, 2015
That shows how mild our day temperatures have been until now. 
Even a young willow tree is confused 
as to what part of the year we are in. 
There are a few fresh, green leaves on it's twigs.
Willow spouts young, green leaves. Nov 23, 2015

As much as I "hate" winter I think for the benefit of Nature 
we should enter the cold period now. 
Some don't want to go asleep
In the western entrance of our house it looks like this:
Flowers on the African Daisies, Geranium and Impatiens.
With temperatures between 40- 45°F (4-7°C) they just don't want to go asleep.
Impatiens and Shamrock (Oxalis)
Outside we harvested some of the latest apples of this season. I wrote a few years ago about that we found about 5 or so different apple trees on our property. I am still trying to figure out what kind of apples they are. One thing is for sure: they are all old fashioned, heirloom apples.  Some are more sweet and soft, others crisp and tart. They smell and taste way better than any apple you can buy nowadays.
The best thing: these late ones are not worm eaten and taste delicious. The one to the left is the one that will be
best for storage.

Nearly noon now and still no snow, but the Temperatures are falling constantly. The clouds are hanging low and grey, wind gusty out of the North.
Maybe I'll cook some baked apples....


 Auntie's translation

Das Wetter war bisher recht frühlingshaft für die Jahreszeit. Das hat einige meiner Pflanzen verwirrt. 
Meine Ziererdbeere zeigt drei neue, rosa Blüten 
und eine junge Weide produziert neue, grüne Blätter. 
Auch in meinem Eingange wollen die Pflanzen 
nicht zur Ruhe kommen. 
Wir haben die letzten Äpfel vom Baum geerntet. 
Ich weiß nicht welche Sorten es sind, aber sie schmecken hervorragend. Der Apfel auf der linken Seite des Photos scheint mir zum Lagern geeignet. 
Das will ich mal versuchen.
Draussen wird es kälter, aber bis jetzt haben wir den Schnee den sie uns angekündigt haben, noch nicht gesehen.
Vielleicht mache ich nachher gebratene Äpfel.

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  1. Nothing quite like fresh picked apples, and of course apple pie.
    hope the snow holds of for a bit.


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