Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Gift of a Pumpkin

There was this big orange pumpkin.

It had been part of fall decoration at a friend's house. 
But as summer had come to an end they had to
close up their summer home for the winter. 
As a farewell the big orange pumpkin was given to us.

I did not carve it, and for quite a while 
it adorned our porch. 
November arrived and all Halloween decorations disappeared
from the houses in our neighbourhood. 
Some threw their pumpkins in the garbage, 
others were trampled on and thrown into the ditch, 
where they, to the days day, 
are rotting. 

Mine was taken inside, because, 
this pumpkin is more than an ornament.

It is good food as well. 

I placed the pumpkin into a cool, dark room 
where it could have stayed until February, maybe even March. 
They store very well.
Today though, the house quiet and undisturbed, I decided 
now was the perfect time to cook it.  
I cut it in half, roasted it in the oven until tender and filled 
half the jars with pumpkin flesh for soups or vegetable stews. 
Another portion was seasoned for pie filling 
and canned as well. 
The seeds were seasoned with salt and herbs and roasted. 
Mixed with nuts and chocolate chips they make a tasty snack.
The leftovers went to my compost bin. 
In due time they will be turned into soil together with all
the other scraps from my kitchen. 
The soil will be used as food for my vegetables.

This way the circle has comes to an end.
Food produced from good soil 
utilized to feed people, and to grow fresh vegetables.

It feels good that nothing got wasted.

Thanks again to the friend who shared
this pumpkin with us.

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  1. Nice to make good use of that pumpkin, they are so tasty.


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