Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Erosion along the Beach

 The first day of March 2016. 
We went to Herring Cove Provincial Park for a walk. 
The sun was shining brightly, though the wind was frigid.

It didn't look anymore like on this photo, which
was taken in October 2013.
Look what the winter storms did to the shore. 
 Forceful waves have eaten away 
at the sand bank and road line.
Turning south, a similar view. 
2013 showed a nice sand surface and some grassy patches. 
Look - how much it has changed. 
Tons of sand have moved around and formed a new look 
to the grassy patch along the beach and 
to the outlet of Lake Glensevern.
Sometimes it even changes from month to month. 
Always amazing.
 Big rocks that should protect the embankment
were washed out and slid down the slant.
Big trees broken like matches.
Winter storms are dangerous forces, as bad
as the Hurricane's that might hit during the summer.
Within the shelter of the trees.

Dappled sunlight 
On mossy ground
Clear water reflecting 
A blue sky
                                      (Beatrix Kohlhaas)


Auntie's Translation

Heute, am 1. März, sind wir zum Strand spaziert. Wir waren 
überrascht wie stark die Winterstürme die Landschaft verändert hatten.
Ich habe zum Vergleich Fotos von 2013 eingegeben. Man sieht wie die
Wellen den Sand weggefressen haben. Bäume sind umgefallen und schwere Steine wurden von den Wellen weggerückt.
Aber tief drinnen im Wald war es friedlich.

Helles Sonnenlicht
Spielt über moosigem Grund
Kristallklares Wasser reflektiert 
den blauen Himmel


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