Monday, May 1, 2017

Birds, Butterflies and Snakes

 of all: 
Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes! 

I was overwhelmed. How different it is when one is connected to the world via internet. Word gets around. 

On top of the whole Peter baked this outstanding cake.
The Cake!

Appreciated it all greatly! Thank you again. 

The girls were out for a hike again. 
One of the lasts ones before everyone has to go back 
to their summer jobs.
We scoured the island from the eastern most point to the southern part.
It is such a pleasure as one of my friends has been able to get hold of a small telescope. 
Checking for seabirds on Cranberry Point
It makes it much easier to identify the birds that can be seen as dots 
way out on the water.
The weather is still cool and not many migrating birds have arrived here but there are a few.
Yellow-rumped Warbler
It is a hard time for my mere 200 mm lens 
to get a close enough photo, but I manage somewhat 
with the help of digital cropping.
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Belted Kingfisher
Red-breasted Merganser, female 
Red-breasted Nuthatch building a nesting hole.
The warm sunshine had produced the first butterflies.
Variegated Fritillary on willow tree
An early garter snake is enjoying the sunshine too. 
We patted her and she didn't even move.
Snapping a photo of the garter snake

The final spot one of my favourites. A look over part of 
Passamaquoddy Bay
My birder friends
My favourite view point


  1. Nice to get out and about for a walk with your friends before y'all head back to work.

  2. Your bird pictures are getting better and you forgot to take Molly with you.

  3. Richard C Dorr, sadly, Molly is not longer able to follow us on a hike. Her arthritis in her hips keeps her mostly around the house now. Old age.

  4. I feel her pain...getting there myself.

  5. You are capturing some nice birds!


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