Sunday, April 9, 2023

Finally: HOME!

Saturday April 8, after 9 days on the road we finally made it home! 

(only cellphone photos today)

The last four and a half hours are always the longest. It was -5 C (23F) when we started out from the Service Plaza but the sun was shining. A brisk wind pushed from the side, which was not so good, but as soon as we turned onto Hwy 1 it pushed us faster and faster. If the road hadn't been so bad. Frost damage made it a very rough ride until after Machias, ME. Like riding a bucking horse!

Dixie was silently suffering and probably thinking "Aren't we there yet?" 

Around 1pm (13:00) we finally rolled into Lubec, ME,

we saw a glimpse of the International Bridge in the distance.

Border crossing was no problem either. 

Welcome back to Campobello!

Neighbours were waving at us.

Dixie was perking up!

Our house was waiting for us in bright sunshine. 

Dixie running in circles (zoomies) and then rolled on the brown grass. Finally! The driving took an end! 

It was of course very cold inside, but with the wood stove we got the temperature up within a couple of hours. Meanwhile we had our lunch in the camper. 

Peter checked. There is always a problem, right?

Power came on at once. Good! Fridge worked, microwave, range, light all worked fine.

But - no water running. Reason: the pressure tank had finally died on us - faulty membrane. It did not keep any pressure over 20 PSI. Not so good. 

It will be no big deal, though. We have our camper with water and drinking water, we have a well where we can pull out water the  by the bucket old fashioned way. 

Supper was served and very well appreciate at our dear neighbour. Thank you very much!

The beds were warmed up with hot water bottles and added thick down-filled comforters.

We slept like a rock!

It thought they had already bloomed off, 

but here they still are!

My crocus.

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