Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Amazing High/Low Tide

Sorry, for not being more present on my blog. 
Caught up with job, gardening and household 
I just didn't get around to it.

Today though, I thought to share with you 
how different a small harbour looks like 
when the tide goes out and comes back again.
 The first photos are taken at North Road Harbour at low tide, 
near 10AM 0.9ft (0.26m) 
and later in the afternoon at 5PM 22.5ft (6.86m). 
 Sometimes the difference is even more,
 and the boats actually sit on the dry bottom of their berths.
Not so today, 
there was a little water left under the boats.
Another view of Herring Cove Beach with low and high water.
Always amazing to watch.
Aunties summary
Hatte nicht viel Zeit zum Schreiben, aber heute bin ich mal zum Hafen gefahren und habe den Tidenhub fotografiert. Um 10:00 Uhr und später um 17:00 Uhr. Der Unterschied liegt bei fast 7m. Manchmal ist es auch noch mehr und die Boote liegen ganz auf dem Trockenen. Das war heute aber nicht der Fall.
Ein weiters photo vom Herring Cove Strand bei Ebbe und bei Flut. 
Immer wieder interessant anzusehen.


  1. Thanks for the tide updates its been a long time since we have seen them.

  2. Gee, what a huge difference. I would think it's not very good for the bottoms of the boats when low tide is really low, but it happens so often, it must not harm the boats. What a difference in the photos, too. Low tide isn't very pretty, and high tide is beautiful. Very interesting. :)


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