Monday, November 5, 2018

Last walk with friends

Fall is nearly over 
and last weekend's strong storm tore all leaves off the trees. 
It looks more like winter now.
The swell was still high at the southern end of the island in the morning.
I made a 13sec video clip, see here:
A fresh breeze blew from the west.
By afternoon everything had calmed down considerably and
I enjoyed a nice walk along the beach with "the girls". 
They just love to run along the edge of the surf.
Group recall and dealing out lots of treats.
The "girls" are Dixie's best friends.
 Rosebud, (Dixie), Summer, Acadia, their "mom" Deborah and "auntie" to Scarlet.

It might have been one of the last walks for all of use together.  
By now nearly all our summer friends have left for their homes in the South. 
In about a week they all will be gone. 
That is a bit frustrating, I have to say, because 
we have finally time off from work. 

But nothing we can do about that.

We will make the best out of the winter to come. 
Lots of walks with Dixie, going on birding hikes, 
taking photos and just enjoying the peaceful country we live in.

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