Friday, October 11, 2019

Here I am again!

Long time  - No see!
That is quite true.
And it has several reasons. First, I have been incredibly busy, 
second, we changed our access to the internet and third, time flew by just too fast.
But I did some walks and took a lot of photos.

Here are some of the highlights I captured over the last four month: 

Dixie testing the water at Lake Glensevern
Campobello International Bridge shrouded in fog
View of Lubec, Maine
White-tailed Deer in my backyard
Monarch Butterfly
Grey Seal very close to shore watching us
"American Eagle" visiting Campobello Island
Cable Trawler bringing a new power cable to the island
Lots of visitor all summer long, Peter was quite busy
Finally fall with its beautiful colours has arrived
Quiet trails again after most of the summer visitors left the area.
October is the time of beautiful sunsets
I hope you enjoyed my selection of photos. Winter will soon be here and with that
there will be more time to do some posting. 
See you then!


Der Sommer war zu hektisch und es gab keine Zeit zum bloggen. 
Hier ein paar Photos die ich über die letzten Monate photographiert habe.
Der Herbst hat angefangen, die Besucherzahlen sind drastisch gesunken und ich
werde nun wieder mehr Zeit haben. 
Hoffentlich haben euch meine Bilder gefallen.
Bis demnächst! 


  1. Looks like you as many others had a busy summer. Wishing you a Safe and Enjoyable Winter Season.

    It's about time.


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