Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dog Fight - just kiddin' !

Dixie and her boyfriend "Beau" are playing nearly every day.
Let's fight! Yeah!
Sometimes it looks pretty rough to the onlookers.
But it is all "fake".
First it is Beau who is the "top dog".
Then it will be Dixie.
This is so much fun for both of them.
both get worn out.
One still standing the other done, dead.
Playing leaves a big smile on their faces.
Best friends again.
Until tomorrow!

Dixie und ihr Freund spielen fast jeden Tag zusammen. Manchmal sieht es recht gefährlich aus, aber es ist alles nur Spiel. Mal gewinnt der eine, dann wieder der andere. Am Ende sind sie beide wie ausgelaugt. Man kann ihnen die Freude richtig ansehen. Wir sind die besten Freunde. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Dixie: water-shy or not?

The other day we went to a playdate where they had a "kiddie pool" set up 
for their dogs to cool off in. Their poodles loved it.
No way that Dixie (11mnth) would set a foot in that!
Today we went and tried the "real water" at a small lake near the beach. 
 Dixie testing the water. UH-OH waves!
Shall I go in there?
Uhm, maybe NOT!
Peter tried to convince her. 
I had to take off my shoes and wade into the unknown territory before Dixie followed.
 A little unsure at first but then she actually enjoyed the new experience.
Unfortunately it was not documented that she "zoomed" around into the grassy area after the first try, as if to say: YEAH! I DID IT! Then taking heart again, running and jumping
right into the water as if she had done that a thousand times already!
We had a good laugh. What fun she had!
Now our sitting room is full of sand.
Summer's delight.

For ein paar Tagen haben wir die Nachbarhunde besucht. Sie hatten ein Kinderplanschbecken um sich abzukühlen. Keine 10 Pferde haben Dixie in das Planschbecken gebracht.
Heute sind wir dann mal zu einem "echten Wasser" gegangen; einem nahegelegenen kleinen See.
Zuerst war sie sehr skeptisch. Da waren "Wellen", au weia!
Aber als ich mir die Hosen hochkrempelte und selbst ins Wasser stieg hat sie sich getraut. 
Anschliessend ist sie wie verrückt im Grass herumgerast und dann mit Anlauf 
ins Wasser gesprungen. Leider haben wir davon kein Photo.
Aber es hat ihr doch sehr viel Spass gemacht.
Nun ist unser Wohnzimmer voller Sand.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Early June Gardening and Dixie - update

Here is our newest addition to our garden!
A beautiful Rhododendron.
It is Peter's gift for our 31. Anniversary.
It should be hardy enough since the stock comes from Haaga in Finnland.
Hence the name: "Haaga"
How it "glows" in the sunshine.
Not much to look at in my vegetable garden. May was too cold and nothing really 
grew. I always get fooled into starting too early when the weather
turns warm, but it never pays off planting before
June 10 in this part of the country.

 In the front there are several sorts of beans and (not yet) corn.
Rear left is peas and carrots.
Top right is planted with kale, cabbage, lettuce and radishes and 
lower right: tomatoes and more lettuce.
The green covered area in the back is a patch with potatoes.
 The tender ones still get covered up against the cool nights.

An impression from one of the hiking paths here in the area. 
A quiet little pond tucked in the deep woods.
 About 60 years ago kids used to go skating on this pond and even further down
in history it supplied ice for summertime use, 
stored in a nearby ice house.

June 10 - Dixie is 10 month old.
A big change from 4 month and 10 pounds 
 to 10 month and 61 pounds.
"I remember you from last fall!" she seems to say
Visiting with Debrorah and Ken and their poodle girls
"Summer" and "Rosie"