Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Late November Eye Candy

The little things make life pleasant.
While walking along the deck this bright Nasturtium flower caught my attention. 
Isn't it weird, I thought, their seeds are so reluctant 
to germinate in the spring. 
It takes forever to get them going. 
But once they are established they seem pretty hardy. 
Maybe it is because it is snugly covered up 
with dry leafs.

 Later, sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee,
 looking out of the window,
 I had this view of a beautiful sunset.
Eye candy on a blustery November day.

Friday, November 18, 2016

November - flowers

As I write this it is November 18. 
The days are much shorter and
you should think it is cold and snowy here in Canada, 
but no, it is mild and
there is life in my vegetable garden.
So, for the record I went outside and took some photos.
Lettuce and some spinach plants are still growing. 
The spinach unfortunately is favoured food of the
voles or field mice. Arrgh!
There are quite a few holes in my garden beds. Not good,
not good at all!
Calendula flowers and
Even a few Nasturtiums are hanging in there.
In the flower beds "Sweet William", dianthus, are showing a few late 
flowers as well.
No wonder that we are able to snack on fresh lettuce and parsley.
The tomato is the last one of my summer tomatoes.
November in Canada is not so bad at all!

Auntie's translation

Es ist der 18.November und man sollte meinen wir hätten jetzt schon Schnee hier in Kanada. Doch wir werden verwöhnt, es ist noch so mild daß in meinem Garten noch der Salat wächst.
Auch einige Blumen haben noch Blüten.
Kein Wunder daß wir noch gartenfrischen Salat und Petersilie
genießen können. Die Tomate ist meine letzte aus eigener Züchtung.
Der kanadische November ist gar nicht so trüb und traurig!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Conure? What's that?

What is a conure? No clue. I went online to look it up. 
Ah, yes - it is a parakeet.

Why would I want to know? 
Because we are bird-sitting one for a few days. 
Molly is all interested. 
Something is moving around there - I can see it. 
At the moment "Gobin", as the bird's name is, 
seems pretty quiet and subdued. We'll see how it goes.

And a few more days from now we will be getting
 another guest. 
"Gracie" will be staying with us for a couple of weeks too.
Good to have pet loving neighbours when you want to go places. :))

Oh, I forgot to mention the chicken. We have to let their chickens in and out too, and feed them. I just hope the fox won't visit while the people are away.
Better than TV, eh?

Aunties Translation

Seit heute haben wir einen Vogel. Genauer gesagt einen kleinen Papagei. Wir passen für ein paar Tage auf ihn auf. Dann kommt bald auch wieder die kleine Gracie auf Besuch. Molly und Peter sind ganz hingerissen.