Thursday, April 18, 2024

Finally - Home Sweet Home

Finally, we made it home! 
We started out very early and drove about 6.5 hours until we reached our destination 
on Campobello Island. 
Long days, lots of miles, misadventures, bad and good weather, head wind and tail wind. 
What does it matter? We made it home!

Welcome into the State of Maine! 
Finally an piece of the Atlantic Ocean visible in Portland, ME

Mostly empty on the interstate I-95 North

On the way coastal SR1, Mount Desert in the background
Going on low tide, vie of the bridge by Millbridge, ME

view of Machias, ME

Nearly at home, part of Lubec, ME

Lubec, the bridge leading over to Campobello is visible in the background

Canadian customs building, view while driving over the bridge into Canada. 
Boarder crossing was a breeze. 
"Welcome back to Canada!"

Peter backing the trailer into our driveway

All still winterly, our precious home! 

View from our garage towards West, Maine coastline in the background

 Now I need a vacation!


Translation for my German readers 

Endlich! Wir haben es geschafft und sind wieder zuhause. Alle Hürden sind genommen, 3200 Meilen () gefahren, allen Missgeschicken zum Trotz. Wir sind wieder in Kanada. Jetzt brauche ich erst einmal Urlaub!

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  1. After having a stressful trip home, I'd like to extend a Happy Birthday wish on your special day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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