Wednesday, April 10, 2024

NOT on the road - Day 9

We left our spot in the State Park bright and early. But did not get farther than Columbus, OH
After filling up our gas tank and turning back on to I-70 suddenly there was a loud screeching noise.
Transmission trouble, stranded along the road

What’s was that? The van did not want to accelerate, more weird noises. Luckily there was another
exit coming up a mile away. 
We limped out there about half a mile and stoped on a pull-out along the road.
Peter checked the transmission fluid - not pink, but brown. Something was wrong with it.
What to do? We started calling around to Chevrolet service places. 
No luck, their books were full for 2 month in advance. 
One had a garage that was not hight enough to accommodate our van, and so on.
Finally we called our Auto Insurance (Coach Net) and asked for assistance. 
Hours run by but they worked hard for us. 
We needed to find a place to park our trailer too. RV-park full, too far away, too expensive. 
We decided for another State Park 20 miles away. 
Then waiting, waiting for the tow truck to show up. 
They are towing the van away!, thinks Dixie
First he towed the van to the repair shop that our
Insurance company had chosen: "Byers Chevy" in Grove City, OH
Help! Not good, I had to get lifted into a tow truck!

Waiting again until he returned to tow us to the State Park. It was about
to get dark when he finally manoevered us into a spot. 
The driver did an excellent job getting us into this spot.
"Shark's Tooth Towing", London, OH
(he explained how he came to the name: his 6 kids chose it!)

That is it. Here we are stuck now for the next week without a vehicle.
There we are, for now. Safe off the road in a nice park.
Buck Creek State Park, OH

Or so. Luck in disadvantage was that: as soon as we were parked
 a lady (Cathy) showed up to offer us her help!
Anything from driving us to a grocery store or the repair shop 20 miles away. 
She would do it, no questionasked, just give her a call and she would show up. 
Are there angels among us? I am starting to believe it.
Everything happens for a reason, she said. 

Translation for my German readers
Wir haben ein Problem. Kurze Zeit nachdem wir wieder auf der Interstate fuhren passierte es: 
das Getriebe gab plötzlich kreischende Geräusche von sich. 
Es gelang uns einen halben Kilometer von der Interstate auf einem Seitenstreifen anhalten. 
Das war´s dann. Versicherung anrufen, Abschleppdienst kommen lassen. 
Der Van wurde in einen Vorort von Columbus, OH geschleppt 
und wir - nach langen Wartestunden - 
landeten endlich wieder in einem State Park. 
Glück im Unglück. Kaum hatten wir geparkt kam eine sehr nette Frau vorbei die unseren Abschleppwagen gesehen hatte.
 Sie bot uns ihre Hilfe an!
 Egal wohin wir fahren müßten - sie würde uns fahren. 
Zum Einkaufen oder zur Werkstatt, kein Problem.
Wahnsinn! Ich fange an zu glauben daß es doch Engel auf der Erde gibt! 
Für´s erste:  wir sind an einem sicheren Ort. 
Alles weitere wird sich schon regeln.
Der Park hat leider kein WiFi, aber wir wollen nicht klagen.

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  1. We'll keep our fingers crossed that you are back on the road sooner than later.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.


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