Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Goodbye Molly

Saying "Goodbye" to Molly.

You want to keep the time from running out, 
but there is no way to stop the inevitable.
First she lost her hearing. Then the ability to go for a long walk.
Lately she hardly could make it around the house
without our help.
Today we had to say "farewell" to our precious dog of 15 years.
 Memories of happy days travelling.
She was an exceptional sweet and mellow companion for us. 
Molly - may your spirit soar in freedom.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Watery Colours

Summer is winding down.
Some days ago I took a photo nearby.
It looks a bit like modern art.

Mirror effect


The bigger picture shows the whole scenery.
Part of the salmon operation 
in Friar's Bay

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

All in BLUE

Tuesday I got a call - are you interested in seeing a special bird??


We went over the bridge into Lubec, ME and on 
to a private property, just to find this in the middle of a lawn.

 INDIGO BUNTING (Passerina cyanea)
I have never seen such a blue bird before in my life. 
Amazing. So exotic.
 The little fellow stayed in place for a few minutes.
I am glad I had the opportunity.

Small treasures of life.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Birds, Butterflies and Snakes

 of all: 
Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes! 

I was overwhelmed. How different it is when one is connected to the world via internet. Word gets around. 

On top of the whole Peter baked this outstanding cake.
The Cake!

Appreciated it all greatly! Thank you again. 

The girls were out for a hike again. 
One of the lasts ones before everyone has to go back 
to their summer jobs.
We scoured the island from the eastern most point to the southern part.
It is such a pleasure as one of my friends has been able to get hold of a small telescope. 
Checking for seabirds on Cranberry Point
It makes it much easier to identify the birds that can be seen as dots 
way out on the water.
The weather is still cool and not many migrating birds have arrived here but there are a few.
Yellow-rumped Warbler
It is a hard time for my mere 200 mm lens 
to get a close enough photo, but I manage somewhat 
with the help of digital cropping.
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Belted Kingfisher
Red-breasted Merganser, female 
Red-breasted Nuthatch building a nesting hole.
The warm sunshine had produced the first butterflies.
Variegated Fritillary on willow tree
An early garter snake is enjoying the sunshine too. 
We patted her and she didn't even move.
Snapping a photo of the garter snake

The final spot one of my favourites. A look over part of 
Passamaquoddy Bay
My birder friends
My favourite view point

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Girls hiking

The month of April finally brought milder weather. 
Today I was out with three other girls 
on a hike along the ocean side. 
We checked out 
West Quoddy Light State Park
West Quoddy Light, Lubec Me
Cormorants "on the rocks"
Black Scoter
and the area around the Lubec Flats 
for birds and and other sights.
view of Lubec ME
Lots of gulls on part of the mud flats
Look - sea glass!
Northern Harrier hovering over the marsh land
American Black Ducks
Canada Geese
Spring is definitely in the air 
and we had a wonderful afternoon.

Auntie's translation

Bei herrlichem Frühlingswetter habe ich mit ein paar Bekannten einen Ausflug entlang der Küste gemacht.
Wir haben dabei allerlei Wasservögel beobachten können und haben im Großen und Ganzen 
einfach die schöne Aussicht genossen.
Was für ein wunderschöner Sonntagnachmittag.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Beautiful Spring Morning.

Cruising around on an early spring morning we stopped 
at Mulholland Lightstation,  
also called Mulholland Point Lighthouse.
Towards the West, across the "Narrows", 
we looked at the small coastal town Lubec, Maine.
In front of us the gushing waters of the Bay,
the tide had just turned and
had started on it's way out.
We stayed in lee of Lighthouse, which towered into 
the an incredible blue sky.

The wind was pretty nippy, coming out of the North.
Nearby I saw some birds in the water.

It turned out to be a pair of Bufflehead ducks.
Very interesting birds, I found out.
They swam away swiftly after they saw my curious
head appear over the shrubs.
What a beautiful morning.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Update - fall/winter 2016/17

I have not been diligent this winter with keeping my blog updated.
There was not much going on that I could have
written about.
The golden, beautiful fall colours 
gave eventually way to a fair amount of snow.
It took us into February to get there.
As you can see it accumulated quite 
a bit. 
Mostly I sat and watched the sky change colour, 
looking at it through my living room window.
Bold sunsets before a storm  
moved in;
more gentle ones when the weather
got mild again.
Fishing vessels went out as the scallop
season started in the
beginning of February.
Another source of amusement are 
always the birds.
Although, we did not have many this winter.
Just before the big snow storm, in the
middle of February, there was a sudden rush.
Many birds were trying to get as much food as they could.
A Tree Sparrow seemed to ask for more, 
and a Blue Jay enjoyed the corn kernels.
One particular day we had a very rare guest.
Among the American Goldfinches I
detected a bright red flash.
A Northern Cardinal -
always amazingly beautiful.
Now I am waiting for the snow to melt

Auntie's translation

Schnell ein paar Photos. 
Die schönen Herbstfarben sind von erheblichen Schneemengen 
ersetzt worden. Meistens habe ich die Welt durch
mein Wohnzimmerfenster beobachtet.
Die leuchtenden Sonnenuntergänge vor dem Sturm und
die sanfteren wenn das Wetter wieder mild wurde.
Fischerboot auf dem Wasser, und Vögel die meine
Futterkästen besuchten.
Goldfinken, Spatzen, ein Blue Jay und
ein seltener Gast - der leuchtend rote Cardinal.
Jetzt hoffe ich das der Schnee bald weg

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Scallop Season

Today, scallop season of 2017 started. 
From our living room window I could observe 
 lots of small and bigger vessels out on the water.
 Sea fog swirling around, flurries were in the air. 
 Later, the sun came out for a short period of time.
 Hour and hours they went up and down dredging for scallops. 

A pretty sight, but don't ask me about
how the bottom of the bay looks like after they are all done.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Flu time - also for birds

It is this time of the year when the flu seems to be everywhere. 
Also in my bird community. 
That is so sad.
Today, there was high activity at the feeders. 
 We are expecting bad weather for Sunday and Monday.
It is predicted to get cold, snowy and high winds with a wind chill
down to -29C (-20F).
It seemed as if the birds were eager, filling up their "batteries."
I saw mostly finches and chickadees.
The temperature had dropped to -10C (14F).
No wind, yet.
One of the little finches was bullied by the others. 
Several times the other birds 
chased him away from the feeder. 

Taking a closer look you could see -
there was something wrong with this little fellow.
The other birds were looking sleek, compared.
It looked more like a feather ball, double it's size. 
My guess was that it has "the flu" and was feaverish. 
Therefor, the feathers are raised, it was freezing. Poor thing. 
With a winter storm approaching there is no chance of survival for this one. 
The sun has set, it is getting dark, all birds have left, 
except this little sick guy.
Not all will make it through the winter.
Nature is cruel.